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How works ?

Using our service is simple.

  • Go on our home page and upload your file by dragging it on the dedicated area or by browsing your file.
  • Choose the final format you want and confirm your choice.
  • Make the secured payment, and download your file.

You will receive a link by eail to download your converted file. Your file will be available for a maximum of 24 hours to guarantee the greatest possible security.

How can we pay for your service ?

We currently allow payments by credit card. The largest networks are accepted: Visa, Mastercard and CB.

How much does a conversion cost?

We have set up a monthly subscription charged at € 29 per month. To guarantee you a great experience and give you the opportunity to test the service, we have also launched an trial offer at €0.50 for the first 48 hours. At the end of this trial period and without any action on your part, the subscription is automatically converted into a paying subscription.

How unsubscribe ?

The unsubscription of is easy. You can do either way :

  • Go on the unsubscription page (in the footer), enter your email in the dedicated field and confirm to request an unsubscription. If the email match your file, you'll receive an email to confirm the unsubscription.
  • Contact us by email or by phone, and ask our team to unsubscribe you.